Jon Gruden is “Back” in Silver and Black

4 Jan


(Photo by CBS Sports)
(Photo by CBS Sports)


With the regular season ending and Jack Del Rio getting fired, it all points to Jon.  Since it is not official, we can only speculate that Jon Gruden will be the next coach of the Raiders.  When Jon Gruden arrived in 98′ he changed the culture of the Raiders. His first two seasons were nothing special, he finished both seasons 8-8. He would then lead the Raiders to two playoff appearances. He made it to the AFC Championship game in 2000 and made the divisional round in 2001. The “Tuck” game as many Raider fans referrer to it, would be Gruden’s last day with the Raiders. A trade between Tamp Bay Buccaneers and the Oakland Raiders would occur.  To make matters even worst, the Raiders and Buccaneers would face each other in the Super Bowl. We all know how that turned out to.  Tampa Bay would eventually fire Gruden. Jon  has been in the ESPN booth ever since.

Can Jon Gruden bring a Championship to Oakland

When Gruden starts preparing for next season, what goals does he have? So many people will pick the Raiders to make it to the Super Bowl. Doesn’t that sound familiar? The Super Bowl run was suppose to be this year but it wasn’t. I know Jon Gruden would do good, he has that passion, that fire. I don’t expect the Raiders to win the Super Bowl but I do expect them to make the wild card round if not better. Jon Gruden can bring a Super Bowl to Oakland before they leave. There has been nine Coaches since Jon Gruden. Can Gruden make this team a contender? Can Gruden win in Oakland?

When Jon Gruden is named the next head coach of the Oakland Raiders, the clock starts. So we really have to just wait until it happens to get excited. Jon Gruden has always been liked by the Raiders fans and I was very upset that Al Davis traded him for some cash and draft picks. Will Jon Gruden  accomplish what he was trying to when he first got hired and that is win a Championship in Oakland.