Las Vegas Raiders Fall Apart on Monday Night

5 Oct
Derek Carr taking the Snap against the Chargers.
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Raiders started 3-0 for the first time since 2002. As a result of that great start, they made the Super Bowl. The Raiders have not shown a dominant performance so far in the early season. Although the Raiders defense looks much better than last year. The Las Vegas Raiders fall apart on Monday Night. This was going to be a statement game for the Raiders. Win and you go to 4-0 and beat a division rival. The Las Vegas Raiders fall apart on Monday Night. After a delayed start due to lighting, which didn’t make sense because the Charges play in a dome. The game finally got started. The Chargers took the opening drive and scored 7. It looked too easy for the Chargers. At the half, the Chargers would be up 21-0. Did the Raiders forget there was a game?

After halftime, the Raiders made it a game. Jon Gruden made adjustments. The Raiders would score back-to-back scores and make the score 21-14. The Chargers would add another score and seal their victory. The Chargers would win the game 28-14. For the Raiders, I do not see any bright side. They have to forget this game and get ready for the next game against the Bears. The only thing you can take away from the Monday Night game was that you cannot spot a team 21 points.

The Raiders need to play better

Before the game started I could have told you that the Chargers would win. The Raiders never show up for big games. It was not because I had a crystal ball or anything. Usually, they do not play well in primetime games. It started off badly. The Chargers made it look really easy. The Raiders have to put this game behind them and get ready for the Bears or we could see a losing streak. The Raiders need to play better. They cannot have games which they do not show up. Monday Night was a perfect opportunity to get to 4-0 and be number one in the division. Instead, they lost and lost badly.