Monday Night Football Thriller in Las Vegas

14 Sep
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The Baltimore Ravens were taking on the Las Vegas Raiders in week 1. We didn’t know what to expect from both teams. The Ravens have had multiple injuries and the Raiders would have to try to contain Lamar Jackson. Who would prevail? The Ravens jumped to a 14-0 lead after a 6 play and 68-yard drive in 2 minutes and 38 seconds. It looked like the Ravens would pull away with the victory. Derek Carr would drive the Raiders for a 9 play and 78-yard drive in 4 minutes and 38 seconds. We had a game and it was not going to be a blowout. The Ravens were driving and got to the Raiders 36-yard line. John Harbaugh would elect to go for it on 4th and 1. They handed off to Latavius Murray and he was stopped for no gain.

The Raiders would get the ball back and Carr and company would drive down and kick a field goal. The score going into Halftime was 14-10. The Raiders would score 10 unanswered points. The NFL had what seemed to be a good Monday Night Football thriller in Las Vegas for their opener. Both teams had to go into the locker room and make adjustments for the second half.

Making a Change

The Raiders could not stop anyone on defense last year and ranked at the bottom of the NFL at number 27. This offseason the Raiders wanted to fix the defense. They hired Gus Bradley as their defensive coordinator. Coach Bradley helped the Seahawks and the Chargers improve their defense. Could he do the same for the Raiders? The Raiders defense on Monday night looked different. They were getting to Lamar Jackson without blitzing him. Lamar was incredible in how he was able to evade the defense. It was like playing a video game with a cheat code.

The Second Half of Monday Night

The Ravens would get the ball first in the second half. The drive would lead to a punt. Both teams seem to struggle coming out of the locker room. The Ravens second drive of the second half would end up better They would drive down and kick a field goal and go up by 7 points. The Raiders defense would get to Lamar Jackson. They caused him to fumble the ball. The Raiders would drive on a 5 play, 41-yards, and score a touchdown to tie the game. This was shaping up to be an exciting game. Who wanted it more?

The Raiders gave up the lead with only 35 seconds reaming. The Raiders had to dig deep. As a result, they drove down and kicked a field goal to send the game into overtime. Now the crazy stuff happened. The Raiders would get the ball in overtime first. It looked like the game would end on a touchdown pass to B.Edwards. The officials would review the play and overturn the call. The Raiders had the ball on the 1-yard line. Derek Carr would throw an interception after a false start pushed them back 5-yards. For Raider fans, this night which seemed to end in a victory would end in defeat. The Raiders defense would get to Lamar Jackson. As a result, he would fumble once more. After a strange series of events. The Raiders would win the game. Derek Carr would throw a touchdown pass to Zay Jones for 31-yards.

Raiders need to build off their Monday Night Victory

The Raiders need to keep the momentum going into week 2. They will have to travel to Pittsburgh to face-off against the Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger will offer another challenge to the Raiders. Can the Raiders go into Pittsburgh and pull off another victory? The Raiders need to stay aggressive. So they can continue to win games. The Steelers will not be an easy task. They also won their season opener. The Raiders looked good on Monday night but they have more room to improve.