NFL Week 10 is in the Books | Nasser Erakat

17 Nov

NFL Week 10 is in the Books | Nasser Erakat

Is Peyton Manning finished for this year. It is always sad to see the great ones not able to do it anymore. The Denver Broncos were winning because of their defense but NFL Week 10 is in the Books | Nasser Erakateventually the offense would make too many mistakes, like 4 interceptions by Manning, who got benched. The Bengals take their first loss to a backup quarterback and JJ Watt is talking smack. The Patriots and Panthers are now the only teams undefeated. Will we see these two teams in Santa Clare for Super Bowl 50. The Oakland Raiders had a very bad loss on Sunday but I am still optimistic about the new directions the Raiders are going. I still believe the Raider will go 6-10 this year and make a serious push for the playoffs next year.

NFL Week 10 is in the Books | Nasser Erakat

NFL Power Rankings, Week 11: Cardinals, Vikings enter top five



Tom Brady didn’t look Canton-bound Sunday. All the more reason to crown him MVP — even on an off day, he hunted and pecked his way to Pats 9, NFL 0. Spoke with a colleague who has watched the Patriots closely over the Bill Belichick era. His takeaway: The offense looks so different sansJulian Edelman. The injured receiver’s ability to get separation is vastly underrated. While Brady and Belichick have been known to make players like Edelman or Dion Lewis (or even Troy Brown) better, you can’t coach shiftiness.



Another win that felt far from pretty. But who cares? Carolina is streaking toward home-field advantage, with contributions coming from every corner. Jonathan Stewart = superb. Kurt Colemanmade plays. Ted Ginn Jr. was effective (though a house call was called back) in the return game. Overall, the special teams unit (especially punter Brad Nortman) did its job. Greg Olsen was out there doing his Greg Olsen thing.

That’s the point with these dudes. The Panthers are a team of contributors, kind of like Bill Belichick’s first Super Bowl team, the 2001 Patriots. And if they keep going like this, the Packers orCardinals or whoever will be playing for the NFC title in damp, swampy, Charlotte come mid-January. Full Article


Denver Broncos simply cannot play Peyton Manning in this state

Sunday in Denver, the irony was dripping — and rather cruel.

A few minutes into the game, the Broncos stopped action to celebrate NFL Week 10 is in the Books | Nasser ErakatPeyton Manning leapfrogging Brett Favre and becoming the NFL’s all-time passing yards leader.

Two quarters later, the Broncos stopped Peyton Manning.

The score was 22-0. The Broncos were getting destroyed at home by the rival (and inferior) Kansas City Chiefs. For the second straight week, nothing was working.
Gary Kubiak’s quarterback was wretched, throwing haphazard ducks and completing just 5 of his 20 passes. Kubiak’s QB threw four gruesome interceptions. Kubiak’s signal-caller had a passer rating of zero — a big, fat doughnut. Full Article

NFL Week 10 is in the Books | Nasser Erakat

The NFL is now coming into the picture for the most part. You have the Super Bowl Contenders, you have the playoffs teams and then you have the top 5 picks in NFL Week 10 is in the Books | Nasser Erakatthe NFL draft. There is still a lot of questions bit for the most part, I think the AFC Championship will have the Patriots or Bengals in it. The NFC will have Carolina. Again it is a fun year if you are a Raiders fan, since they still have a shot to finish 500 or better. Hope you enjoyed this article, Thanks for reading.

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