NFL Week 13 is in the Books | Nasser Erakat

9 Dec

NFL Week 13 is in the Books | Nasser Erakat

I’m am going to start with my Raiders. They had a shot of winning on Sunday but Derek Carr made some costly mistakes, that knocked them out of the playoffs. NFL Week 13 is in the Books | Nasser ErakatThink about that for a moment, the Oakland Raiders were playing for playoffs. The Raiders haven’t been playing for anything in about 12 years and yes I know about Hue Jackson and the 4-2 season that became 8-8. As I mentioned I predicted the Raiders this year 6-10, and they will win one more game. They are way ahead of schedule and next year will be a 10-6 season and playoffs. I’m am so happy that Derek Carr is my quarterback for the next 10 years. He will be better then what we have had for the last 10 years. To the Raiders I want to Thank you for a wonderful season.

NFL Week 13 is in the Books | Nasser Erakat

NFL Power Rankings, Week 14: Seahawks climb; Patriots drop

The not-so-ugly reared their heads this weekend.

Week 14 Power Rankings are in, with a nod to the teams many of us thought were formidable in the preseason finally making their moves. The Seahawks dominated the Vikings. The Steelers trounced the Colts. And the Cardinals, well, they kept rolling with another not to worry, we’re still in control win in St. Louis. The top 10 seen below could be precisely the same 10 at season’s end, and that is not a bad thing.

Yep, a couple of 2015’s best — i.e., the Patriots and Vikings — did fall. The alarming facts included whom New England fell to, where the Pats and Vikes fell (both at home) and how badly Minnesota was taken down. Each team stayed in the top 10, however.

As for Nos. 11-32, see below. There is appreciable movement all throughout the ranks. As always, feel free to share your take on such matters. @HarrisonNFL is the place.

Let the dissension commence!



Quite a scare in New Orleans on multiple fronts for the Panthers, who ultimately didn’t succumb to the trap game — or the divisional road game or the first loss of the season game, or whatever else league observers were calling the matchup with the Saints. Also scary were a couple of hits to the head suffered by today’s MVP favorite, Cam Newton. With Carolina’s usually formidable defense unable to stop New Orleans, the offense won the day.



Arizona rolls on, playing Cardinal football in St. Louis while the Rams played, well, Rams football. The only issue for Bruce Arians’ club is maintaining the health of a running back who doesn’t fumble. That man might be Kerwynn Williams. Just ask him. You’re welcome.



Cincy sure looked darn good Sunday. (Of course, if you divide by the Browns factor, maybe they were simply solid.) Everyone got into the act: Jeremy Hill rushed for 98 yards, A.J. Green posted 102 yards in the first half and Marvin Jones contributed a nice touchdown late. Meanwhile, the defense accomplished something no NFL team has been able to do: contain Austin Davis. Full Article

NFL Week 13 is in the Books | Nasser Erakat

Which two teams will face in Super Bowl 50. I say it will be Carolina vs New NFL Week 13 is in the Books | Nasser ErakatEngland. Those are the two best teams in the NFL. New England will get back to their winning ways and Carolina will finish the regular season without a loss. For the other good teams like Arizona, Seattle and Denver they will have to wait another year. The NFL regular season is coming to end and for teams who are out of it,now you become a football fan. Well Thanks for reading.

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