Raiders Season Ends on Sunday Night

19 Dec

Raiders season ends on Sunday night. We will talk about the folded paper to give the Dallas Cowboys a first down later. First, it just seems that the Raiders do not show up to play until the second half of the game.

Derek Carr seems that he is playing not to get hurt. He throws the ball before his receivers are open and ready. The Raiders seem not to play inspired football this year. What happened? All the players got paid and we thought that the Raiders cultured changed. Do we have to wait another 14 years to see the Raiders in the playoffs? I will give the Raiders a little of credit for putting up a fight in the second half. If Derek Carr does not fumble, the Raiders win or at least tie the game. That didn’t happen, Derek fumbled and that game was over.

Derek Carr | Nasser Erakat
Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr (4) attempts to score a touchdown (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

Changes need to be made

There has to be a lot of changes this off season.  We know that Todd Downing will not return. Is there more coaches that should be fired too? Could the Raiders part ways with Jack Del Rio? The head coach does not seem to be a motivator. I think the Raiders should look for a fresh mind or someone who can design plays to confuse the defense. A head coach has his strengths, either defense or offense. Jack is a defensive guy. So you would think that he should surround himself with a offensive creative  coordinator. You fire the offense coordinator and then replace him with a rookie. That was the problem before they even played a down. I remember in the preseason and yes I know, it’s the preseason. The playcalling was not impressive then and it carried over into the regular season.

The Raiders need to fix the defense and figure out what’s wrong with the offense. They need to get some talented players on the defensive side of the ball. They also need some new ideas on formations. Watching the Raiders this year, their playcalling was predictable. There is two games left, have the Raiders checked out or will they play hard for the remaining two games left in the season, only time will tell.

The Officiating is getting bad

The Raiders always seem to have some play of ruling that we have never seen before. From the immaculate reception to the tuck rule. Sunday night we also had something strange happen. Dallas goes for it on 4th and 1. It was a Quarterback sneak. The referees could not figure if it was a first down. The head referee, takes out a piece of paper, not a index card, folds it and places it between the yard marker and ball. Then calls it a first down for Dallas. If you could see the ball near the chain, then it is not a first down. Since when can you place a piece of paper to help the ball touch the yard marker? Honestly, it really doesn’t matter but that call and of course Derek Carr, fumbles out of the endzone sums up the 2017 Raiders.