Raiders win and now Tied for 1st place

4 Dec

Raiders win and now Tied for 1st place | Nasser Erakat

Oakland Raiders played host to the New York Giants on Sunday afternoon. The Raiders needed this win, since early in the day the Kansas City Chiefs lost and fell to 6-6. The Raiders, Chargers and Chiefs are all tied for first place with all records being 6-6. Now the Raiders have to play the Chiefs next week and this is a must win. All games that are remaining this year are must wins. Raiders need to treat each game for the next four weeks as a playoff game. Can the Raiders Win their remaining games?

Giants Vs Raiders - Marshawn Lynch - Raiders Win
Marshawn Lynch 51-yard touchdown run

Marshawn Lynch had a big game, his 51 yard touchdown in the first quarter was vintage Marshawn.  Raiders need Beast Mode for the remainder of the season and hopefully the playoffs. Marshawn will need to keep running and if the Raiders can control the ground game and play good defense then they should be alright.

The Raider defense has looked better the past two weeks. After Ken Norton Jr. was fired last week, the defense seems to be playing faster. They still need to find their identity I think. Teams are still able to go over the top and the secondary is just not that good. I will give them credit, they have stepped up when they needed to. The offense needs to help the defense. In today’s game, the Raider defense had three straight three and outs and the Raider offense could not get any points. The offense needs to get better too.

For now the Raiders are still in the playoff race and in order for them to make the playoffs they need to win the AFC West.  Can the Raiders win three straight? Only time will tell. They will have to go to Kansas City and win and they have not done that for a while.