Silver and Black Monday Coming Soon

27 Dec

Silver and black Monday coming soon. With a disappointing season and possibility of finishing the season with a 6-10 record, which would be the same record for a team that started 0-9 across the bay.  There are going to be some changes. Coach | Nasser ErakatWe know for sure that the first to go would be Todd Downing. Is Jack Del Rio on the hot seat? He just signed an extension,  would the Raiders be willing to part ways and continue to pay Del Rio? An inside source told me that the only way Jack would get fired is if two coaches wanted to coach the Raiders. The two head coaches are Jon Gruden or  Jim Harbaugh. My source told me that if either of these coaches wanted to coach the Raiders, Jack Del Rio would be fired.

Same old Oakland Raiders

When the Raiders finished last year with a 12-4 record.  We all thought the Oakland Raiders would be a Super Bowl contender but instead they were a pretender. This preseason should of told us that they would not be any good this year, not winning one game in the preseason sometimes can tell how a team is going to play in the regular season. I know, it’s only preseason and the fact that the Raiders won their first two games, my hypothesis was incorrect. That night in Washington DC, a Sunday night game was the end of the Raiders Super Bowl dreams for 2017. It was down hill from there. So the Raiders played like they did in the preseason.

The Las Vegas Raiders

In two years the Raiders will be leaving Oakland and moving to their new home. They will be now the Las Vegas Raiders. I still think this was a dumb move but I do not own the Raiders. Since Mark Davis cannot afford to buy a stadium, he needs some help. So he will move the team to a city, where football is not going to be number one. Who will go to Vegas to watch a football game and what if the Raiders are losing. Would you rather waste your time with a bad team or go do Vegas. I could see the Oakland Raiders being bad for the next ten years and Las Vegas is  getting a bad team.  With one more week remaining and silver and black Monday  approaching what will the Raiders do?