What is the solution for Gun Control

6 Oct

What is the solution for Gun Control | Nasser Erakat

It seems that no matter what side you are on, no one can come up with a solution for Gun Control. When deciding on this topic or any topic you should always leave your heart out of the equation. People always rush and make decisions based on feelings. If you can make your decisions based on facts, you can make better decisions. Going back to the topic of Gun Control. When we start talking about this topic, it is always followed by 2nd amendment. I understand that we have the right to bear arms. There should be regulations on what type of guns an individual can purchase.

Different states have different gun laws. Two states that I am familiar with are California and Arizona. I have purchased guns before in both states. I lived in California and I lived in Arizona. When I purchased a gun in California, there was a ten day waiting period. I provided all my information and they ran a background check which took ten days. In Arizona the  process was different. While I was living in Arizona I wanted to sell my current gun and purchase a new one.


I went to the local gun shop and sold my gun. The lady who was helping me asked me for my Arizona drivers license and I filled out a one page document. They asked for my Name, Address, date of birth and social security number. The lady made a call right in front of me and provide the person on the phone my information. I was cleared and I went home with the gun the same day. While in the gun shop, I was looking at all the different types of guns for sale. I couldn’t believe the guns you could buy.

As you can tell,  there was no solution in this article. It’s a working process and we need to start working to find the solution. Hopefully we can come up with a way to make guns safe and protect the Innocent from gun violence.



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