17 Jan


Nasser Erakat
F NBA Warriors 118, Cavaliers 108 (Photo by ABC7 San Francisco)

Golden State went into Cleveland on a Monday night to face their rivals. The game was pretty close for most of the game. The Warriors and Cavaliers were going back and forth. It was exciting and fun to watch. Lebron James and Kevin Durant were flying around. They both would finish with 32 points on Monday night and the victory would go to the Warriors winning 118-108.  The Cavaliers would lead for most of the game and would go into halftime up by seven. The Warriors would score 36 points in the third quarter and 25 in the fourth and win the game by ten. Curry would  get an assist from Durant and dunk the ball. Durant loved it. That was the exclamation point the game needed. The splash brothers would combine for 40 points and Dramond Green just missed a triple double, he would have 16 Rebounds, 9 assists and 11 points.

The only thing that cooled the Golden State run in the fourth quarter would be the cold showers reported by the Warriors. There was no hot water for them after the game. Was this intentional or just a issue with the plumbing?  Could it just be another shot at the Warriors just like the Halloween party after the Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA Finals after coming back from being down 3-1. For the Cavaliers, it’s that saying if you cannot beat them, freeze them!

Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers IV

Golden State is back in first place in their conference and the NBA. After the game, a few players from the Cavaliers reported that they are having issues this season. They also must be thinking that cannot beat the Warriors. The Warriors swept the season series. The next time they will see each other would be in the NBA finals, if they both make it that far.

“It seemed like the rim just got smaller and smaller,” James said. “Like our effort tonight. If we continue on that, going into our next few games, then I like where we are.”

Earlier in the week, James said, “I love our potential,” when asked about the state of the Cavs. The question is whether that potential will be realized.

Golden State are the favorites to represent the Western Conference but will the Cavaliers be there at the end or is it the end of the Cavaliers? It seems that the Boston Celtics  are the hot team in the East and currently they are number one in the Eastern Conference. The Celtics are 34-11 and they are number two behind the Warriors in the NBA. Only time will tell, can the Warriors keep it up and continue to dominate the league and can the Cavaliers make a push so we can have, “Warriors vs Cavaliers IV”.